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Words, sentences, paragraphs, stories — creating one thing after another since 1988.

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Bernie Kruchak

When I started writing professionally in the late 1980s I scribbled my stories with a pencil, then pounded out final drafts on a manual typewriter. A lot has changed since then. Now I tap out projects on a laptop and call myself a content creator. Hey, a writer's still a writer and a writer always creates.

In my career, I've written virtually every type of creative communication project – from articles and annual reports to websites and corporate histories. Through my company — Kruchak Creative — I deliver web writing, copywriting and corporate writing to an array of clients in a variety of industries.

Since every project is unique, my creative approach to each writing job is different. Because your company has a distinct corporate voice, I listen and learn, then carefully craft insightful copy that reflects your image and delivers a clear and compelling message.

As well, if your project requires design, illustration, photography, printing or web production, Kruchak Creative can provide these services too. I work with a team of experienced creative professionals to supply cost effective solutions for projects of any size or scope.